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Membership – Welcome to NYSC Foundation
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Membership of the Foundation is open to all Nigerians who have undergone the compulsory one year National Service and are desirous of contributing to the achievements of the NYSC Foundation in line with its mandate. Contributing to a good course that would assist NYSC, Serving Corps members, Ex-corps members and Nigerian citizens at large (National Unity), is a responsibility the Foundation holds in high esteem.

Subscribing to membership of the Foundation would cost an individual a token of N500.00 if it is done before passing out exercise (during National Service) while it is N2,000.00 for ex-corps members (after National Service).

Membership Benefits

Soft Loan Scheme

It is informative to note that due to the ever growing rate of youth unemployment and its attendant negative effects which portends/posses serious danger to peace and socio-economic development in Nigeria, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, propelled by the need to reduce this problems, launched a Soft Loan Scheme to empower exiting and ex-corps members to establish small scale businesses. So, if you desire to become an Entrepreneur, here is an opportunity.

The NYSC Foundation offers you the opportunity and platform to look at the bigger picture of life and use the tremendous gift of the brain power to liberate yourself and the country from the clutches of unemployment.

When you are born poor, you are just a victim of circumstance, but if you remain poor and die poor, you are a product of your own decision or circumstance. This is simply because you have been equipped with the basic knowledge and opportunity to start creating wealth and eliminate poverty in your life.

It is very important to always ponder and reflect on this worrying question; “After National Service (NYSC), What next?

Our Funding Window

  • We provide soft loan package for exited/ex-corps members who wish to be self employed and employers of labour … thus helping to generate wealth and development.
  • The basic information for this package is summarized as follows:
Option NYSC Foundation  N400,000.00 maximum
Moratorium (Grace Period) 3 months
Duration  24 months
Eligibility Registered members of the Foundation
Charges 5% one-time administrative charge
Collateral NYSC Discharge Certificate
Guarantor Not below grade level 12 in a government establishment or its equivalent in the private sector 

A whole lot of exited corps members had been empowered through this program. Also, so many applications have been received across the Federation and currently being attended to.

It is sadly on record that some of the beneficiaries of our Soft Loan Scheme are not good in repayment as a result of:

  • Lack of training and needed exposure
  • Lack of technical know-how and mentorship
  • Lack of focus & determination
  • Lack of sincerity of purpose

All these prompted the Foundation to go into partnership with the SAED Department of the NYSC in order to address the aforementioned challenges. On this note, It is pertinent corps members to take the SAED trainings very seriously.

Welfare Intervention Scheme

It is observed that various NYSC Orientation Camps nationwide is not completely welfare friendly. In view of this obvious situation, NYSC Foundation has provided some welfare facilities such mobile toilets & bathrooms, Chairs & tables, VIP toilets, Electronic Collapsible podium, Electricity Generating Set etc to camps to make it more conducive for corps members.

Under this Welfare Intervention Scheme, the Foundation has provided the following to the under listed States and FCT:

1 Abia 500 double bunk beds
2 FCT 150 double bunk beds and 300 mattresses
3 Ogun 1 Perking/CAT Generator
4 Nasarawa 4 units of shipment containers (40ft)
5 Gombe 1 unit of 4 toilets and bathrooms
6 Cross River 4 units of 8 toilets and bathrooms
7 Kebbi 500 plastic chairs, 1 collapsible podium and 25 plastic tables
8 All States 37 Nos. of branded HP laptops to Desk Officers in all the States including FCT
9 Plateau Construction of 36 rooms of Corpers Lodge in Jos, Plateau State
10 Lagos 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
11 Kaduna 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
12 Ebonyi 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
13 Kogi 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
14 Bauchi 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
15 Bayelsa 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
16 Kwara 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
17 Osun 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
18 Niger 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
19 Benue 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
20 Oyo 5 mobile toilets and 5 mobile bathrooms
21 Enugu N1.5million for roofing of Enugu State Camp lecture hall

As part of our desire to provide an enabling environment for serving corps members, the Foundation, having built a habitable Corpers’ lodge in Jos, Plateau State is determined to replicate such in all the States of the Federation, including FCT. It will interest you to know that a parcel of land has been allocated to NYSC Foundation by Sokoto State Government in this regard while plans are on ground to secure land for same purpose in other States of the country.


NYSC Foundation as an Alumni and Umbrella body that unifies all ex-corps members’ wishes to encourage serving and ex-corps members to join hands with the Foundation in its determined efforts of reducing youth unemployment. I wish to conclude with wise saying that “Gold is nice, Silver is nice, Rubies are nice. But to be treasured far above all things are knowledge, wisdom and understanding”. Because with knowledge, wisdom and understanding, you are can get all the gold, silver and rubies you want.

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